Billy Cerullo

"I will never be able to stress the profound impact Satori Ryu
continues to have on me."

Graduated: Suffolk University 2014
Suffolk University Student Body President
graduated Summa Cum Laude
I remember my first year of college with great clarity. I recall feeling mixed emotions: anxiety, excitement,
stress, hope. I can remember fearing that I might fail; that I might not fulfill my dreams. Regardless, I was
setting out on a new adventure essentially on my own. The shelter of my small town and my close family and
friends was behind me, and it was very much up to me to shape my college experience.
Without this shelter and structure, it would have been easy for me to squander four years of college by not
becoming involved, not studying, not “putting myself out there.” However, when I felt like giving up or
inadequate, I reflected on my experiences at Satori Ryu. My years of instruction and many hours of training
prohibited me from doing anything but my best.
Throughout my time at Satori Ryu, I learned many forms, combinations, techniques, however, I learned the
most about myself. I learned that through determination, hard work, and perseverance, I could succeed. When
I was in the dojo, with the help of Sensei Eric and Sensei John, I learned the importance of pushing myself
beyond what I thought I could do. Sensei Eric never let me give up on myself, and instilled the ethic that
adequate will never suffice and that we can always better ourselves. When I reached the point when I thought
I could go no further, Sensei Eric encouraged me to push myself harder to consistently challenge what I
thought was possible. I think of these lessons every day.
Without Satori Ryu and Sensei Eric, I would not have made it through my first year of college with the success
that I had. I would not have gone on to become President of Suffolk University’s student body, I would not
have graduated Summa Cum Laude and I would not have progressed to serve our nation as an AmeriCorps
member in Washington, DC. I will never be able to stress the profound impact Satori Ryu continues to have
on me, and as long as I remember Sensei Eric’s teachings I know that I will never give up.
"The Path To Understanding."
Satori Ryu Karate is located right off Interstate 95 at
480 Neponset Street * Canton, MA 02021 / Phone 781-713-4680