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Since it first opened its doors to the public in 1995, Satori Ryu Kenpo, Karate Ju Jitsu has had a reputation for the highest standards of excellence. The director of the organization Shihan Eric Kearns is well recognized for his contributions to and expertise in the martial arts. The instructors at Satori Ryu take an active interest in each and every student and feel there is much more to learn from the Martial Arts than just punching and kicking. The name Satori Ryu which is Japanese, translates to "The School Of Understanding". Satori Ryu Kenpo Karate Jujitsu is the dynamic are comprised of Kenpo, Shotokan and various forms of Ju Jitsu. Satori Ryu seeks to maintain the Integrity of Professor Nick Cerio, Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate, and Grand Master Mark Sheeley's Kensho Ryu, and to pass the teachings of these Great Masters on to new generations of martial arts students. as the name of the school implies, Satori Ryu students are taught to go beyond the surface level instruction and striper deeper understanding of the martial arts. students have to take the lessons taught in the dojo and apply them to every aspect of their lives. Satori Ryu is constantly bringing new concepts, training methods and theories into our programs in an effort to expand our knowledge base and enhance the quality of our organization.

As stated before Satori Ryu seeks to maintain the Integrity of Grandmaster Sheeley's Kensho Ryu and Professor Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate and pass the teachings of these Great Masters onto new generations of Martial Arts students. we have chosen the name Satori for itsclose link to the word KENSHO as used in Zen. In fact semantically, Kensho and Satori have virtually the same meaning and are often used interchangeably. By choosing the name Satori Ryu we will always keep our link to the past as we move forward into our future. Satori Ryu is very proud of its lineage. This is a small sample of our history and some of the Great Masters and their systems from which we have descended.

Shihan Eric Kearns - Satori Ryu

Grand Master Mark Sheeley—Kensho Ryu

Professor Nick Cerio– Nick Cerio’s Kenpo

Grand Master George Pesare– Kaito Gakko

Sijo Adriano Emperado– Kajukenbo

Professor William Chow– Kara Ho Kenpo

Professor James Mitose– Kosho Ryu Kempo

shihan eric kearns

Shihan Eric Kearns is a professional martial artist and 5th degree black belt with over 35 years of training experience and over 25 years teaching experience in the Martial Arts. He has owned and operated one of the largest martial arts schools in Massachusetts since 1995. Shihan Kearns has received instruction from martial arts Masters such as Professor Nick Cerio 10th degree black belt and founder of Nick Cerio's Kenpo, Grandmaster Mark Sheeley 9th degree black belt and founder of Kensho Ryu International and also the first Kenpo stylist to be ranked number one in the United States, Shihan Jason DeLucia professional fighter veteran of the UFC and Pancrase and former Lions Den trainer. Shihan Kearns has experience in martial arts competition and has won titles in Fighting, Kata, Weapons and Self-defense. Shihan Kearns was also the co-founder of Hybrid Fighting Arts a Full Contact Fight League which at one time had 15 schools in the New England area and was considered "The ultimate tournament fighting experience". Shihan Kearns is dedicated to passing on his knowledge, history and traditions of the Martial Arts to the Next Generation.