Karate for children

Fellow Parents, If you could find a place where academic excellence, peer leadership, physical fitness and self discipline was the standard. A place that was pediatrician recommended and could help your child reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams and goals, wouldn't you want your child to be a part of it ? Satori Ryu is that place. At Satori Ryu we are concerned with every aspect our students achievements in life, as well as in the Dojo. Our students are on the Honor Roll and are at the top of the Presidential Fitness Program. Many of our teen students are peer leaders in their schools, their community, and in the Karate School itself. They find the experience helps them immensely as they go on to their college and professional careers. Classes are forming now call today ! Our Karate program is proven to: Increase Confidence, Improve Self Discipline, Teach Respect, Improve Grades, Increase Focus, and help your child develop a "Never Quit Attitude" ! Success in our school leads to success in life.

Pre-school Karate ages 4-7

Our pre karate program is designed for children 6 years old and younger. It is an age-appropriate introduction to the format of a karate class or any classroom situation. At Satori Ryu we understand the frustrations a younger child can experience when beginning classes, the classes may be too long, or there may be too much talking for a typical preschooler. For this reason our preschool class is designed to be high energy and constantly changing to keep kids engaged and having fun. Two classes per week is recommended to get children used to developing a routine and improve retention of the curriculum. The child will receive Striped belts from yellow to brown stripe until they are ready to be promoted to full yellow or orange belt based on the teacher's recommendation. Our preschool class will provide an environment where children can learn and improve self confidence while enjoying their introduction to the martial arts and having fun. While these young students are preparing themselves for a smooth transition into the beginner Karate class they will also be learning the skills and rules necessary for their introduction to regular school. Giving preschool children a chance to learn and be a part of the Dojo ( Karate School) will prepare them for a great experience in the martial arts and in their academic careers.

School age children ages 7-11

Many Physicians, teachers and counselors recommended our Karate program as a way to help youngsters achieve greater social, physical, mental and emotional strength. As Karate skills develop self-confidence is greatly increased you will find that children who may have been consider clumsy, overweight, awkward or all arms and legs will develop agility, grace, coordination and a positive self-image. Satori Ryu's physical and mental training will build strength and confidence in your child. Confident children are not victims therefore schoolyard bullies look for someone else to pick on. Through the self-discipline the karate students learn, children develop an increased attention span and ability to "sit still" and learn. As the skills improve, so does their self-image. Children become more apt to try new things and as their fear of failure is diminished they will excel in all aspects of their lives. The achievement of the various karate belt colors provide the short term goal structure that teaches children to be success oriented.

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